City Bike and Pedelec E-Bike Rental

City Bike and Pedelec E-Bike Rental

Explore Krefeld with our high quality rental city-bikes or with our pedelec!

You may book by contacting our hotel reception:

Phone +49 2151 535230



City bike rental fees

Per day (24 hours from handout) 9,00 EUR
Monday – Friday 36,00 EUR
7 days 49,00 EUR
Weekend deal (Friday – Sunday) 18,00 EUR


Pedelec / E-Bike rental fees

Per day (same day return) 25,00 EUR
Monday – Friday 99,00 EUR
7 days 129,00 EUR
Weekend deal (Friday – Sunday) 50,00 EUR

Please note that at the beginning of the rental, you will be required to present an identification document showing the tenant’s name, surname and address.